In 2008, we sponsored a picnic at San Dieguito Park and raised almost $12,000. We would like to thank all of those that attended the successful event and our donors who showed support in their absence.
Erica and Yvette
Erica and Yvette welcome everyone to the picnic

Ken Walsh explains Peter Filanc's contributions to SDSU

In 2009, we hope to beat last year’s raise by raising $15,000. This money will allow us to continue to support the Peter J. Filanc Scholarship at SDSU, and enable us to endow a new Engineering & Construction scholarship at UCSD.

Thank you all for your generous and continued support. Your donations keep Peter Filanc’s legacy alive and thriving in education.


Peter J. Filanc, CEO of J.R. Filanc Construction, passed away from invasive bladder cancer on May 9, 2007. His death devastated not only friends and family, but, also an entire industry that depended on Peter’s vision, intellect, stick-to-itiveness and most importantly his drive to make things happen. Inspired by their father’s philanthropic lead, his two daughters, Yvette and Erica Filanc, founded The Peter John Filanc Foundation on May 10, 2007 in memory of this extraordinary man.

Each year in May, The Peter John Filanc Foundation will donate up to three grants to qualified universities, scholarships and organizations that meet the vision, excellence, commitment to education, innovation, and personal values demonstrated by Peter throughout his life. Peter Filanc inspired every person he met to follow their dreams in life, and we hope to continue that inspiration through this foundation, by donating substantial scholarships or grants to support someone who has a dream.