Peter Filanc in Honolulu, Hawaii, one of his favorite places to vacation, 2004
Peter Filanc with Erica Tanamachi, Yvette Filanc and his granddaughter Anushka Rose, January, 2007


The Peter John Filanc foundation was established by Peter’s two daughters, Erica Tanamachi and Yvette Filanc, to pursue Peter’s legacy of supporting students and educational foundations. Peter Filanc, CEO of J.R. Filanc Construction, was a dedicated philanthropist and a nationally recognized leader in the water and wastewater industries. Filanc graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, where he earned a Master of Science degree in civil engineering, with an emphasis in sanitary and hydraulic engineering. He started his career at Engineering Sciences as a project manager. At Engineering Sciences, Peter participated in developing the firm’s integration of microcomputers into operating wastewater treatment plants.

Leadership in Construction and Education

In 1979, Filanc began working at his father’s company, what is now known as JR Filanc Construction. He started in the field as a superintendent and rose up the ranks, learning every job firsthand until eventually taking over the reins as president in 1990. Filanc was an early advocate of design-build, ultimately becoming one of the nation’s foremost experts. When California officials were contemplating legislation authorizing public owners to use the design-build procurement method, Filanc was called to testify before the Senate.

Filanc was also a devoted supporter of education and created a brand new major at SDSU. He designed, fundraised and established the first ever bachelor program in construction engineering and management within San Diego State University’s College of Engineering. He raised five million dollars within only a few years to hire the staff and implement the program.

He also helped pave the way for many other educational and mentoring programs, including AGC’s Construction Project Manager Course, which graduates hundreds of project managers every year. He was the first construction executive to volunteer in the City of San Diego/AGC Mentor-Protégé Program. He mentored a small general engineering company, helping them grow into a mid-size company.

Peter's Legacy

In 2004, Peter Filanc received the AGC SIR Award, San Diego AGC’s highest honor. At the time of the award, he was only the 18th construction-industry leader to be so honored in the association’s 76-year history. Throughout his life, Peter donated thousands of dollars to support education, the arts, medical research, construction and engineering organizations. In addition, Peter donated thousands of hours teaching scholars and professionals all over the country about the present and future of the construction industry. He was a true visionary who could inspire a room full of people within minutes of speaking with them. Peter’s legacy lives on through all of the lives he touched and the lives this foundation continues to support.

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