Founder Erica Tanamachi and Kwok Siong Teh, SFSU Director of Engineering at a Donor Recognition Ceremony
Founder Erica Tanamachi with Jade and Ruby Tanamachi, Peter's Grandchildren at SFSU Donor Recognition
Erica Tanamachi with Benjamin Kean, 2015 SFSU recipient


The Peter John Filanc Foundation endowed two scholarships at California State Universities. Students can apply directly to the universities using the links below.

We would like to congratulate all of the student recipients of The Peter John Filanc Foundation Scholarships. May you continue to lead with dedication, vision and respect as Peter did throughout his career.

San Francisco State University

The Peter John Filanc Leadership Scholarship in Engineering

San Diego State University

The Peter John Filanc Foundation Scholarship in Construction Engineering

SDSU Recipients

2020-2021 Devin Knox

2020-2021 Evan Rossi

2020-2021 Rene Osuna

2019-2020 Carson Harp

2017-2018 Kyle Butler

2017-2018 Brianna Billings

2016-2017 Brianna Billings

2015-2016 Alexa Leticia Rizeq

2015-2016 Scott Heaviside

2015-2016 Jacob Hampson

2015-2016 Peter Dowling

2014-2015 Peter Lee

2014-2015 Kenneth Gervacio

2014-2015 Elijah Elliott

2013-2014 David Willis

2013-2014 Keith Walsh

2012-2013 Franz Fischer

2010-2011: UCSD Gordon Engineering Leadership Award $2,500

* Not all recipients listed

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